Statement Jewelry Pieces Without Spending a Lot

Jewelry plays a significant role in your overall look for the day. Whether you are going out for a party or for work, a piece of jewelry is always a must for women. How you dress up explains a lot about your personality and your fashion sense. You can make a loud impression with only your first look for the majority of the people you meet on a daily basis. A piece of jewelry may be a small thing to add up to your outfit of the day but it most certainly makes a difference. Giving attention to small things and focusing on each and every detail of your attire can really make you stand out. Collecting her love for jewelry and fashion, Tory discovered this brand called Tease by Tory and brought to you some incredible jewelry designs that will help you make your fashion statement. 

1. Dania Evil Eye Ring 

Rings can make your hands look pretty and feminine. Dania evil eye ring is a very classy ring that you can wear either with a formal dressing or casually for a girls’ night out. It has a very decent shade of blue jewels in it with the silver ones. The ring band is gold allowing you to wear it with any outfit you like and most importantly, it does not even cost all that much yet keeps you looking classy and pretty all the same. 

2. Custom Initial Letter Necklace 

Initials have a really intricate feel to them. You can always gift this beautifully designed necklace to one of your friends for their birthday! Or you can wear these to make your grand fashion statement without even introducing yourself. Let this small yet very defined necklace take charge and help you look fabulous.

3. Skull Multi Layer Necklace  

Made with single layers, multiple layers and in slightly different designs at once, Tory by Tease brings you a highly attractive multi-layered necklace you can rock anytime you want. The intricate chain design holds an excellent touch of intricacy and details that will compliment your collar bones and slender neck like no other. The small skull-shaped pendants in different light colors attached to the necklace can help you look proud and confident.

4. Rainbow Baguette Ring 

The rainbow colors in this beautiful ring make it perfect wear for a picnics as well as weddings, so versatile! You can also wear these on dates and look equally as fashionable as would with a very expensive one. Make a statement with Tease by Tory's rainbow baguette ring as it is a must have that will match with every color you wear any day.

5. Colorful Acrylic Circle Hoop Earring 

Hoop earrings are something that will never go out of fashion. You can wear these anywhere any day and still look fashionable yet trendy. Tease by Tory brings you these colorful acrylic circle hoop earrings that are available in every color you might want only for 20 dollars or so. You can choose your favorite ones out of all the options we have. Not only are these available in single shades but also in very catchy color combinations!


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