New Arrivals For Everyone

Everyone wants to look good and dress up according to the occasion. A good outfit is a must but sometimes, some accessories and jewelry are the cherry on top. Tease by Tory is a brand that cares about everyone who wants to look expensive without spending a lot. With a lot of customized accessories and jewelry in the store, it is quite difficult to believe that it is also super affordable and easy for just about anyone to get. What is exciting is the fact that Tease by Tory just came up with their New Arrivals. Some jewelry and accessories from the collection are following.


1. Custom Word Hair Pins

The collection includes custom word hairpins that you can either get your child or yourself. Very summery and pretty! You can get these customized any time you want. All you have to do is add them to your online cart and provide a word or a name you want to be customized on the hairpins and you are good to go.


2. Multi-Baguette Rings

If you are going out for a meet up with your friends on a casual Friday night, some multi-baguette rings will look great on your finger in the moonlight. Available in different ring sizes and multi colors, you can wear these rings to any occasion you want. The rings will not cost you more than 80 dollars considering the quality and design of these rings.

3. Brittany Enamel Earrings 

Tease by Tory brings you much small jewelry pieces that can work with any outfit you wear. Available in four cute colors, these earrings are round and small with a small sequin attached to the ring. It will not only look great on you but you can also buy your daughter a matching pair or one in a different color.

4. A to Z Letter Ring 

Owning customized jewelry that has your name label has its own charms. Tease by Tory brings you a line of rings that hold nothing but the wonderful initials of your name. The rings are precious and will totally serve as a great present for your best friend or daughter.


Tease by Tory is a brand that believes in creating your own fashion statement even when you do not own expensive clothes or branded jewelry. Tease by Tory is now at your service with the latest fashion trends and amazing jewelry and accessories. 

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