5 Best Brunch Places in Montreal BY HungryGirlMtl

We got Hungrygirlmtl to tell us her favorite brunch spots in Montreal right now!

A little brunch always feels good. But the whole mood is crushed when you want to go out for a brunch but none of the restaurants around are worth your excitement or money. If you happen to ever find yourself in Montreal, QC, and it is time for brunch, there are a bunch of places you can always turn to. Not only these restaurants have great food, service, and ambiance but they can turn into one of your favorite places to hang out at all the time. 

When you plan on sneaking off for a brunch with your colleagues from work or when you simply want to take your friend out for a birthday treat or when you just want to feel great at a nice little restaurant downtown, here are the restaurant and cafes you should definitely check out. 

1. Olive + Gourmando 

The best thing about Olive + Gourmando is that it always welcomes you in for a great meal on one of your hectic days, only to make it better. The menu is short and collected, however, all of the dishes are equally delicious and totally worth every penny. The salad and paninis are very famous. You will also find the best-grilled cheese at Olive + Gourmando in Montreal!!!!!

2. Kleine Shoppe, Montreal, QC 

If you are looking for a restaurant that will not only provide you with a unique and amazing taste, Kleine Shoppe is the restaurant for you. They serve you gluten-free food as per your requirement. This place has vegan food, dairy-free and refined sugar-free items on their menu. The ambiance is that of a home-sweet-home. You will always warm up to this place, brushing past all other reasons to love this place. This coffee shop has great baked goods and amazing coffee.

3. Cafe Bloom 

This one might be your best option at brunching with affordable prices and their coffee gets a lot of attention so you must try their soy latte. You do not need big coffee brands when Cafe Bloom is right across the street to serve you good coffee and delicious brunch meals. Their pancakes are known to be very famous alongside coffee so might want to try that first. This place is one of the best cafes in Montreal that does not cost you all that much. Highly affordable and recommended. 

4. Le Butterblume

The simple yet fresh vibe of the cafe is what keeps the people coming for more. You can always brunch at Le Butterblume and never get disappointed. Their bread is always freshly baked filling in the whole restaurant with a light-hearted scent that can get you excited and hungry at the same time. With a quick and service and a few notes strumming on the guitar to give the customers a very chill vibe, Le Butterblume has a very complex yet incredible menu. The best local cafe around Montreal and definitely worth a visit. 

5. Sparrow Bar

This is the best option for when you want to head out with your friends for a light drink. The place is cool and very comfortable. You can brunch here with their amazing pancakes or you can come over for a dinner at the end of the day with a few drinks to go with. The cuisine served in this bar is a complex yet delicious mix of French-Canadian food with Indian food. Tandoori chicken wings and piccoretti salad are worth a try at Sparrow Bar in the most affordable prices you can ever dream to have with just the right quality.  


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